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Public: 2016 Ski Trip! SHARK SQUAT! - 4:00 PM 12/01/2016
The 2016 Ski trip has been planned, and it's time to get excited.

This year's affair is significantly smaller than last year. 12 people was simply way too many for efficiency of planning. When renting an expensive condo and having people drop in and out with some level of frequency, it was just too stressful.

This year, we're down to 6. 6 is nice. We can sleep 6 in the house, make a day trip to the mountains. 6 can fit in a Banff condo. Yeah. 6.

The classic ski-trip email thread quickly got out of hand. As we discussed how many days we should spend skiing of the week Tyler and Jaymie are here, we settled on 3 days of skiing. To help keep the legs from turning to absolute jello during the trip, I started a friendly competition to do the most squats leading up to the trip. That led to the image attached being shared, which led to the trip being named.

Ski trip 2016. It's going to be a bender.
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Public - Immersive experience is the future - 11:18 AM 04/03/2015
I had my first experience with "VR" in the base of the CN Tower around 1995. I was a kid. It was a giant heavy system that sat on my head, and a weird cable system that I held in my hands. The unit was too big for me and shifted around as I moved, but it was still amazing.

VR brings to mind head-sets and lawnmower-man style visuals. However my driving simulator could also fall into that realm. Immersive simulations or experiences are my favourite form of entertainment. Sure, there's a certain appeal to sitting on the couch with a controller to drive a car or shoot a space-ship. But sitting in the cockpit, or turning your head brings all of those experiences to another level.

That's why I've been so fascinated with the Occulus Rift and all the spin-offs that have brought VR back into the public lexicon. So it was with great excitement that I purchased my Google Cardboard as soon as it came out at least year's Google I/O. Almost a year later, the internet and all it's wonderful people have taken Google Cardboard to the next level.

Excuse me as I go down the rabbit hole, but follow for a minute if you will.
Over the past decade, the world has continued to pump processing power into individual devices, but we've also started to embrace 'the cloud' and remote processing. I wrote previously about Steam In-Home streaming [it's come a long way since then, and left beta], utilizing the horse-power of your desktop/office PC and in-home network to render and stream the audio/visuals to a low-end laptop in the living room. What a notion. Why process everything locally when you've got gigabit running through your walls?
So now someone has made that possible with a VR headset too. And of course by headset, I mean my phone.

Last night I followed the steps in this article, and created my own 'Mockulus Thrift'. My phone received a stream of data from my PC, containing my motion and activity in Star Wars Battlefront [and a couple other games with levels of success]. It took a little configuration to make it smooth, and more config will make it better still... but at the end of the day, I spun around and saw storm-troopers running towards me, and I shot at them. Then I whipped my head around and ran the other direction down a tunnel and up the stairs. All in my office.

The future is amazing. The future is now. Before I turn 50, I'm confident I'll be able to jack into the matrix. And I'm very excited for it.
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Public - Past Blasting on 365 - 12:22 PM 08/01/2015
I'm going through my old forum posts, trying to find some code I wrote in Highschool that I *know* I wrote about once. Sadly, the search function on my forum hasn't worked for years... My bad.

Anyway, I tripped over the original post inspiration for P365.

While a lot of old links in the forum are long dead, the source link is still active on Bonus points, that's the website I bought Andrea's Christmas present from this year. Glad to finally pay them back.

I'm really happy to have tripped over this right now, largely due to the turmoil P365 has been through in the past year. It's been through 3 iterations of my gallery server, and now migrated to Flickr and abandoning the past. It's fragmented and stored in multiple locations, but not truly located in any one location. Breaking the routine made keeping it alive difficult. Further, my recent photos all seem bland and repetitive. Lots of hockey and food. Lots of Andrea and pets. What else do I do?

So seeing the origin point is nice. It reminds me how far it's come. I think I'm going to throw my SLR in my bag and make a bigger effort to take a Photo a day, instead of snap a shot with my phone. If I can breathe some fresh life into it, maybe I'll be further inspired to get it all back online in one location.
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